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Why Choose Duff?
Reasons to consider our products and customer service before you buy - Customer service, extensive testing, reliability and performance


It is no accident that James Duff Inc. has been the industry leader for aftermarket Early Bronco parts for 52 years. Our signature products have been meticulously honed to perfection by years of real-world testing by our team and customers alike. Although our roots were in the desert, today we provide a variety of products for restorers, racers and rock crawlers. We pride ourselves on being innovators in the market. We were the first to bring many firsts to the Early Bronco Market: an affordable 15" Long Travel Shock, Trail Doors, 4 Link Suspension and what many consider "builder parts" for those who want a head start on their own customizations.


Our team is always researching and developing new, innovative products. We listen to your suggestions and do our best to please. Plus, we use our Broncos for not only fun or daily drivers but as inspiration for that exciting new product. We go to events around the country to get a feel for how people in different area's use their vehicles. We take that back to the drawing board with us to consider when designing. We eat, sleep and dream Fords. We listen to your suggestions and do our best to please. We strive to keep in touch with how your needs change by attending a variety of events each year to listen to what YOU want!

Demanding Quality

James Duff Inc. manufactures many of our products for the simple reason- “If you want it done right... do it yourself”. We do not just simply sell other’s products. We always want the Duff name to be synonymous with quality. Our parts are designed, tested and most, built in house. Our design team strives to build the highest quality parts while keeping the customer’s budget in mind. Our components are built for easy installation using common hand tools and require little or no welding. Our suspension systems are built using the best materials available and are laser cut for quality and a precision fit. Parts are formed and welded on site by our experienced welders and finished with a tough powder coat finish for longevity.

Attention to Detail

Nothing escapes the scrutiny of the Duff team from the quality of the welding to the design of the shipping boxes. No product gets it’s signature Duff Blue color until it passes our final inspection. This helps ensure not only no hassles but your overall safety.

Customer Service

The Duff team is an eclectic bunch we've gathered over the years with a variety of backgrounds. We try to take care of you the way we would like to be treated if we called in an order or walked in our door. If it weren't for loyal customers, we wouldn't still be around after over 52 years. Give us a call, put us to the test. You will be glad you did!