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James Duff, a name that has been synonymous with the Ford Bronco for over half a century. Many know him as Jim, but most know him from the early years as Duffy. He first got into Broncos in 1967 while working as a body & paint man at Walker Buerge Ford in Los Angeles. At the time the dealership sold very few Broncos. 

This all changed when Duffy started taking them home after work for upgrades like fender flares, double shocks and rollbars. Many of these parts were supplied by companies like Bill Stroppe & other CA manufacturers. The dealership sales increased tenfold and for Duffy, one thing led to another... 

He began to run the local sand dunes and went on to make additional modifications, grafting in rear fender flares from a 7up truck and cutting and widening a set of wheels to run farm implement tires for better flotation in the sand. Today his passion is carried out in the full line up of parts we carry. Have questions about our parts? Get in touch with us.

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