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Want a Chance at $100 in Duff Bucks? Here's how it works. Leave us a review on any product on Duff Tuff and we'll enter you in our drawing for the Duff Bucks.

Here's how you do it. Click into any product offered on our website, scroll to the bottom of the listing and click write a review. Refer to the picture below for an example.

Our next drawing will be live on Facebook January 2nd on Humpday's with Monster Mike.

Here are some popular products we always need reviews on:

Dual Exhaust

2 into 1 Exhaust

Torque Tamer

Duff Trail Doors

T-Rex Arms

Long Arms

Heim Steer

Filler Panels / Roll Pans

Duff Lift-Off Hinges

Monster Disc Brake Conversion

1/4" Rocker Guards

Aluminum Radiator

Duff Hood Struts

Winch Plate Bumper

Heavy Duty Stock Bumper Tire Carrier

HD Coil Spring Retainers