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The Early Bronco, Bronco II & Ranger Specialists
Since 1984, we've been unleashing the potential of these great vehicles with suspension upgrades, engine conversions and a wide range of accessories. Many have overlooked the value of this new generation of agile smaller trucks and SUVs. With years of experience in Early Broncos, we could see the potential in the Bronco II & Ranger. We have believed in these versatile rigs from the beginning and made Fords our one and only specialty.

The Basic History
The Ranger 4x4 debuted in 1982 as a two wheel drive model with a 2.3L and a 6.75" rear axle. In 1983, the four wheel drive version, as well as the Supercab, came onto the scene. Followed in 1984, by the Bronco II, both were offered with a Dana 28 front axle and a 7.5" rear. The Bronco II came with the 2.8L carbureted V6. Rangers were powered by either a 2.3L four cylinder or the V6. In '86, the V6 increased in size to a 2.9L, and became fuel injected. Along with a mild front end restyle in '89, a 170 hp 4.0L V6 became optional in the Ranger, and the axles in these trucks were upgraded to a Dana 35 front, and an 8.8" Rear. In 1989, both the Ranger and Bronco II received facelifts in the form of a new front clip and interior design. The Bronco II continued on with the 2.9L until '90, when it was replaced by the Explorer.

The Explorer debuted with the '91 model year, with the 4.0L as the only available engine. They also featured the Dana 35 front end, and the 8.8 rear, with the leaf springs under the axle. In '93, the Ranger received another facelift with a new body style. In '95 Ford redesigned the Explorer with A-arm/Torsion Bar front suspension, with a redesigned engine crossmember to ease the installation of the 215 hp 5.0L V8.

For '98, a new 205 hp single overhead cam (SOHC) 4.0 became optional. The Ranger redesign came in '98, when it received the same suspension changes, but continued with the optional 170 hp 4.0L engine. Due to the complexity and variety of options on of these years, we have no plans to design suspension systems for them. We have our hands full with 1966-97 model years at this point!
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Heavy Duty Motor Mounts Bronco II Ranger 5.0 v8 302 engine Conversion Swap
Heavy Duty Motor Mounts Bronco II Ranger V8 302 Conversion
Our Price: $199.00
Sale Price: $169.00
You save $30.00!

Our new heavy duty design replaces the hard to find motor mounts necessary for doing a V8/5.0L swap in your 4WD Bronco II or Ranger. These mount a V8 block to the existing crossmember utilizing urethane bushings with 9/16" bolts to reduce engine vibration and engine torquing. They set the V8 up slightly higher than the original engine to make room for the oil pan. The engine crossmember must be drilled for the new motor mounts. With the mounts, you receive a diagram showing the location of the new 1/2" slots. Although every attempt has been made to provide you with the correct locations, there are some variations where the slot may need to be enlarged.

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302 v8 engine ford conversion remote oil filter adapter bronco ii ranger
Remote Oil Filter Kit, Bronco II & Ranger 302 V8 Conversion
Our Price: $99.95

A V8 conversion in a Bronco II or Ranger requires a Remote Oil Filter Kit. Our kit includes: hoses, a bypass adapter plate and a remote oil filter mounting bracket. We have found that the best place to mount the remote mounting bracket is on the core support above the steering box on the driver's side of the engine bay. Fits 302/5.0L/351W. Uses the common Motorcraft FL1A oil filter or its equivalent.

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Extended Long Travel Tubular Radius Arms Ford Bronco II 1983-97 Ranger
Long Arms for TTB, Bronco II & 1983-97 Ranger
Our Price: $699.95

Better turning radius, better ground clearance and improved handling all in one product! Fabricated with 1/4" & 5/16" plate and 2" O.D. heavy wall tubing, not reworked stock stamped pieces. Built in offset to clear larger tires on stock 4 1/2" backspace wheels. At the frame, is a massive 1" high quality Rod End. Includes blue powdercoated arms, rod ends, bushings, heavy-duty replacement transmission crossmember and all necessary mounting hardware. All new parts, No core required. Fit both Dana 28 and Dana 35.

  • #1 Long Arm for Bronco and Ranger Enthusiasts
  • Increased Ground Clearance
  • Superior Handling and Turning Radius
  • Massive 1" Rod ends hold arm to frame
  • Arms & Frame Brackets come powder coated
  • Heavy Duty Transmission Crossmember supplied comes black painted
  • All brand new components manufactured in the USA
  • All necessary mounting hardware included
  • Fits both Dana 28 and Dana 35

Want to know what's involved for installation? Download instructions here

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Billet Aluminum Radiator Cap, 16lb. 1966-77 Ford Classic Early Bronco
Billet Aluminum Radiator Cap, 16lb.
Our Price: $36.95

Give your aluminum radiator a finished look with this billet cap. A 16lb. pressure cap is siliconed inside the finished billet cap. This allows you to replace the pressure cap if it was ever to fail.

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V8 302 5.0 efi Engine Conversion Upper Radiator Hose Ford Bronco II Ranger
V8 Upper Radiator Hose Bronco II, Ranger
Our Price: $25.25

Upper Radiator Hose to go with our Aluminum Radiator on a V8 conversion in a Bronco II, 83-97 Ranger or 91-94 Explorer.

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V8 302 5.0 efi Engine Conversion Lower Radiator Hose Ford Bronco II Ranger
V8 Lower Radiator Hose Bronco II, Ranger, Explorer
Our Price: $25.25

Lower Radiator Hose to go with our Aluminum Radiator on a V8 conversion in a Bronco II, 83-97 Ranger or 91-94 Explorer.

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Gas Tank, 85-90 B II
Gas Tank, 85-90 B II
Our Price: $159.75

Twenty three gallon for years 1985-1990 more info
Gas Tank, 1984 B II
Gas Tank, 1984 B II
Our Price: $155.75

Twenty three gallon for years 1985-1990 more info
Bronco II 9" Conversion Drive Shaft Yoke Spicer Driveshaft
Bronco II 9" Conversion Drive Shaft and Yoke
Our Price: $375.00

To drive power to your new 9" you will need to modify your existing driveshaft to the larger u-joint. Yet, this will still leave you with the smaller u-joint on the transfercase end, thus creating a weak link in your drivetrain. We recommend replacing your driveshaft with this kit. It includes a specially machined heavy duty Spicer yoke to match up to your transfercase, a greasable long travel slip shaft and heavy duty u-joints. It has a long travel enclosed steel slip shaft, rather than a rubber boot (to rot and leak), for maximum suspension travel. Balanced and coated in black for long life and smooth vibration free operation, When ordering specify vehicle model, lift height and measurement from flange to flange to ensure proper length, more info
Drive Shaft Bronco II 86-89 Short Ranger Spicer
Drive Shaft Bronco II 86-89 Short
Our Price: $399.00
Sale Price: $356.15
You save $42.85!

Driveshafts see a lot of abuse on a 4 wheel drive and to make matters worse 86-89 Bronco IIs had a very weak composite rear driveshaft. Upgrade yours with this heavy duty all metal CV style shaft drivelines are a highly recommended upgrade for these Bronco II's. Direct bolt in! Call for info on lengths and measuring. more info