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Blue Polyurethane Coil Spring Seats Ford Bronco II, 83-97 Ranger, 91-94 Explorer, pair
Urethane Coil Spring Seats Bronco II, 83-97 Ranger, 91-94 Explorer
Our Price: $8.25

Blue Polyurethane Coil Spring Seats Bronco II, 83-97 Ranger, 91-94 Explorer, pair. Included in our Suspension Systems but also sold separately.
SWAY BAR BUSHINGS rear 1 1/8" bar Ford Ranger Bronco
Sway Bar Bushings
Our Price: $19.95

SWAY BAR BUSHINGS, front & rear Bronco II, 89-91 Ranger, front 80+ F150/Bronco, rear 78-79 Bronco/F-150 1 1/8"bar, 2.25" tall
U Bolts, Ford Bronco II & 83-97 2wd Ranger
U Bolts, Bronco II & 83-97 2wd Ranger
Our Price: $35.00

Included in our Suspension Systems but also sold separately, these U-bolts are much stronger than original, made of high strength 1541 material so they won't stretch. They are 1 3/4" longer than original with rolled fine threads and Zinc plated for corrosion resistance. Set of 4, Lock nuts included.
Poly Urethane Leaf Spring Eye Shackle Bushings Kit Ford B2 Bronco II Ford Ranger Truck
Spring Eye & Shackle Bushings Bronco II & Ranger
Our Price: $35.95

Replace your old & worn out rubber bushings with more durable polyurethane. Kit shown #6382 includes 2.5" diameter spring eye, shackle bushings and sleeves. Shackle bushings only #6384
Duff 70/30 Auto Adjust Shock 9.25" Travel
Duff 70/30 Auto Adjust Shock 9.25" Travel
Our Price: $36.00

The 8110 shock has 9.25" Travel with a collapsed length of 15" and extended of 24.25"

We've designed suspension systems for Fords for years, looking to fine tune them even further, we custom designed our own automatically adjusting shocks. They feature:

10 Stage Auto Speed Adjusting
30% Compression, 70% Rebound
Multi Viscosity, All Weather Fluid
Internal Urethane Bumpstop
1 3/8" High Temperature Iron Piston
5/8" Hardened, Chromed Piston Rod
Double Welded Ends
Twin Tube Construction
Foam Cell in a 2 3/8" Reserve Tube
Corrosion Resistant Baked White Finish
Blue Polyurethane End Bushings
Note: If you have a '66 with the stock rear stud mount shocks, we recommend upgrading to either a #5500, #5215 or #5214 for maximum travel and performance.
Solid Steel Leaf Spring Shims Wedges 1966-77 Classic Early Ford Bronco Jeep Suzuki Ranger
Solid Steel Leaf Spring Shims
Our Price: $49.00

Improper pinion angle can lead to driveline vibration and premature u-joint & cv-joint failure. Not all 3 1/2 lifts will require a pinion adjustment but going up to 5 1/2 will result in a driveline angle that will need corrected. These 2 1/2" wide steel shims bolt on to the bottom of your leaf packs with longer center pins included.  To determine the proper amount we recommend taking measurements before and after installing your suspension lift.  The optimum angle is 2. For more measuring info, please call.
Steering Stabilizer Bracket Bronco B2 II, 83-97 Ford Ranger, 91-94 Explorer
Steering Stabilizer Bracket Bronco II, 83-97 Ranger, 91-94 Explorer
Our Price: $49.95

Tired of having to wrestle with the steering wheel when driving on rough terrain? If so, you need a steering stabilizer! They help reduce caster shimmy, steering wheel jerk and protect your steering components.  This is for the zinc-plated mounting brackets and hardware only. Stabilizer and boot are sold separately or in combo kit form.
Drop Pitman Arm Bronco II Ranger Explorer Fullsize Big Steering Lift Linkage Suspension F-150 Full size
Drop Pitman Arm, Bronco II, Ranger, 91-94 Explorer, 80-96 Fullsize Bronco
Our Price: $64.75

Not all lifted vehicles require a drop pitman arm: this is why we don't include them in all of our standard Suspension Systems. If, after installing a lift, bump steer is exaggerated (the steering wheel jerks to one side when encountering a bump) or you note excessive angle or wearing of the drag link, a drop pitman arm will help improve the situation. This works for rigs with up to 4" of lift on 1984-90 Bronco II, 1983-97 Ford Ranger, 1991-94 Explorer,1980-96 Fullsize FSB Bronco, and 1980-96 F-150. Comes gloss black powder coated.
Add A Leafs, Bronco II & Ranger, Pair
Add A Leafs, Bronco II & Ranger, Pair
Our Price: $99.95

Simple add-a-leafs with new center pins. Provide approximately 3.5" of lift over factory height. Made in USA.
Classic Traction Bar 1984-90 Bronco II Anti Wrap
Classic Traction Bar 1984-90 Bronco II
Our Price: $119.95

Simple in design and function,attach above the springs so they don 't catch on trail obstacles. Come black painted with blue polyurethane bushings.Will not fit with overloads. Prevent spring wrap-up and wheel hop giving you added traction for hill climbing and rough terrain. They help eliminate shackle and driveshaft damage that can occur during sudden stops and reduce the chance of broken springs due to rough terrain or heavy loads. Tig welded traction bars, all parts come black coated.

Want to know what's involved for installation? Download instructions here