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Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit Ford Dana 44 1971-76 Bronco
Ft. Disc Brake Conversion Kit, Dana 44, 1971-76 Bronco
List Price: $1,500.00
Our Price: $1,399.95
You save $100.05!

Are you tired of front brakes that fade after repeated use and go away completely when wet? If so, then this conversion kit is the one for you! We developed this kit for 1971-75 Broncos and F-150s with a ball joint Dana 44 front axles originally equipped with drum brakes; it will not fit Dana 30s.

Ours is the only kit on the market that allows you to walk into your local parts store with the simplicity of asking for replacement parts for a 1977 Ford Bronco! No trying to figure out what mix mash of parts the kit is made up of!

Our kit contains: steering knuckles which are drilled 3/4" straight through [this gives you the option of running heim steer or stock style tie rod over or under (using the included machined sleeves)]; caliper mounting brackets; rebuilt calipers; brake pads; brake hoses; hubs; rotors; brake hose bolts; and new spindles with the studs already pressed in.

While other kits used weaker, stamped steel caliper mounting brackets. We use nodular cast iron, which is actually heavier duty than Ford's original disc brakes! Proportioning valves and ball joints are sold separately below. You may need these when installing disc brakes. This kit will work only with the early style wheel to wheel tie rod original to 66-75 Broncos & 71-75 F150's, not inverted Y tie rods (as found stock on the 1976-77).

Want to know what's involved for installation? Download instructions here
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Power Brake Booster Kit, 1966-77 Early Classic Bronco
Power Brake Booster Kit, 1966-77 Bronco
Our Price: $435.95
Sale Price: $395.00
You save $40.95!

Specifically designed for your Early Bronco, our system brings the Bronco’s hydraulic brake system up to modern standards. This kit includes a brand new (not rebuilt) 8” dual diaphragm vacuum booster to provide better power brakes without having to modify the inner fender well. The bracket is designed like the OEM 1976-77 bracket for optimum reliability and linkage alignment. This system includes everything you need: a mounting bracket with all the hardware and the bell crank assembly; the brake booster; the correct master cylinder for your application; stainless braided hoses that go from the master cylinder to the proportioning valve; a master cylinder bleeder kit; a brake light warning wire; and a proportioning valve with bleeder protection tool. We’ve included everything you’ll need except the brake fluid! Our stainless braided hoses feature a smaller inner diameter over stock rubber hoses (creates more line pressure) and won’t swell. This means increased performance and improved brake feel. Plus, there is NO fabricating hard lines to make it all work!

For the best pedal feel and response, we offer two different master cylinders: one for drum/drum or disc/disc (driver side ports) and one for disc/drum (passenger side ports.) Specify which setup you have when ordering. If you upgrade to front/rear discs at any time, you can simply swap to the other master cylinder and proportioning valve (also sold separately for this reason.)

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Monster Dana 44 Disc Power Brake Kit Early Ford Bronco
Monster Disc Brake Kit, Dana 44 Ford Bronco
Our Price: $1,999.99
Sale Price: $1,899.95
You save $100.04!

This is a compilation kit-- Our proven front disc brake conversion kit, power brake booster kit and all the other items you need to complete the install! Even an option to add rear discs at the same time!

When it comes to strength and performance, we have you covered. The knuckles are stronger than factory, don't kick in against the wheel like the '76-77 knuckles and the tie rod ends come pre-drilled for heim steer. For those wanting to run OEM steering we include adapter bushings.

This kit is designed for all Ford open knuckle Drum brake Dana 44's. It is a whopper!! It has everything you need to swap from manual drum brakes to power disc brakes and we mean EVERYTHING. No Chevy parts in this kit, just walk into any auto parts store and ask for 1976-77 Ford Bronco disc brake parts when its time to replace your wear items*.

Now available with the upgraded T-bird caliper swap! *Does not apply to T-Bird calipers.

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Early Bronco Dana 44 Wheel Bearings and Seal Kit
Dana 44 Wheel Bearings and Seal Kit, Standard
Our Price: $45.00

Ball joint Dana 44 wheel bearing & seal kit. Each kit includes an inner and outer bearing with races and an inner wheel seal. Suggested purchase with our disc brake kit. One kit needed per side. more info
OE Style Rubber Brake Hoses, Ford Bronco
Brake Hoses, Ft. Discs to Diff, pair
Our Price: $52.00

DOT approved factory style and length rubber brake hoses. Left and right front disc brake hoses for disc to diff. (Requires adapters on 76-77 Dana 44)

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Master Cylinder to Proportioning Valve Braided Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit 1966-77 Early Classic Bronco
Master Cylinder to Proportioning Valve Brake Line Kit, 1966-77 Bronco
Our Price: $89.00

These stainless steel braided hoses replace the old factory rubber and hard line hoses from the master cylinder to the proportioning valve. This is a complete kit that includes all the possible fittings for stock variations and Duff applications so you don't have to guess at which fittings you need!

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Adjustable Proportioning Valve Disc Drum Brake Early Classic Bronco 1966-77
Adjustable Proportioning Valve
Our Price: $54.95

Works great for front Disc/Drum or Disc/Disc applications. Helps eliminate premature rear wheel lock up. Easy turn dial means near infinite ability to fine-tune the front to rear brake bias. more info
E-Brake Cable, Universal Replacement Classic Early 1966-77 Ford Bronco, Bronco ii Ranger Explorer
E-Brake Cable, Universal Replacement
Our Price: $35.00

Longer cables are a must if you've lifted your rig and the stock cables are tight. The stock e-brake is 3 sections-1 front, 2 rear. One of these can replace one section--three are required to do a full vehicle. You can also use these to make one to fit a custom or swapped-in rear end.

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Stainless Braided Hoses, EB, Stock to 6" lift lines cables
Stainless Braided Hoses, EB, Stock to 6" lift
Our Price: $79.95

Lifted Broncos with lots of travel need longer brake lines to get the most from the suspension.These custom lines are stainless steel and DOT approved for street use as well as being longer to accommodate suspension travel. (Beware, many replacement lines are not DOT approved!) These lines won 't swell under pressure like rubber ones can.Smaller inside diameter increases pressure, which improves pedal feel and brake response. We have these specially made so you don't have to guess when it comes to the safety and soundness of your brakes. These are the lines that go to the differentials, not the caliper lines! Fits stock to 6" lifted 66*-77 Broncos. Note:*66 &67 may need to be adapted to fit front hose. Product appearance may vary from photograph but still fit and function as intended. more info
Disc/Drum Proportioning Valve 1966-77 Early Classic Bronco
Disc/Drum Proportioning Valve
Our Price: $64.95

Necessary for stock Discs or our Front Disc Brake Kit in combination with rear drum brakes. These combination valves contain both a proportioning valve and metering valve in addition to the brake light/low fluid warning switch and "panic" valve. Additionally, we include a PV tool to use during the bleeding process that helps insure full service life and performance of the valve. Note: Two different valves one for disc/drum (#3746) the other for disc/disc. (#3747)

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