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Welcome to our Early Bronco Section. Below you will find a vast array of parts and components we offer for 1966-'77 Ford Broncos. Our most popular items are listed first but feel free to take a look around. We carry several parts to make your vehicle look and sound great on and off road.
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Tubular Extended Long Travel Radius Arms 1966-77 Classic Early Ford Bronco Suspension
Stage 3 Tubular Extended Radius Arms 1966-77 Bronco
List Price: $985.00
Our Price: $799.95
You save $185.05!

Looking to improve the ride of your Ford Bronco? Are you wanting it to handle better and get your turning radius back? Need better traction for when you go off-road?

Then check out our proven Long Travel Extended Radius Arm. Designed for rugged off-road use while enhancing drivability. Fabricated out of 2" diameter, heavy wall DOM at a whopping 5/16" thick! For strength and safety we designed a separate cast steel head unit to mount to the C-wedges on the axle with your original C-cap or our new ones sold separately. These arms are 10 3/4” longer than a '66-'79 Bronco arm, moving the pivot point farther back. This vastly improves suspension travel & articulation but it doesn't stop there. These arms also improve handling & control for on road driving.

  • Proven Design since 2001
  • 10 3/4" longer than stock
  • Built-in 4.25º of added caster
  • In stock ready to ship, no lead time, no waiting!
  • Backed by the best customer service in the industry
  • Buy these arms and combine them with Duff Springs, Mounts & Shocks for the nicest riding Bronco.
  • Big Tires? Due the offset built into them that's what these these arms are made for
  • Needing more articulation, more flex? Our extended arms will give you the most of any arm on the market
  • Strongest extended radius arms available
  • Made from 100% brand new American Materials
  • Comes powder coated with all necessary hardware
  • Just say no to janky designs and core charges!

Fabricated from all new materials; no core charges, no cutting or welding to 40-50 year old cast arms. Built in caster means better alignment and handling. A tight to the frame rear mount holds the arm with a high quality 1” bore Teflon lined and lubricated Rod End, keeping it closer to the frame for improved ground clearance and breakover angle. Tons of travel, a tighter turning radius, better ground clearance and improved handling all in one product! Includes arms, head units, rod ends, frame mounts, bushings and all necessary mounting hardware. Bolt on installation, but some welding recommended. Requires at least a 3” suspension lift. C-bushings are sold separately due to vehicle variations and lift height.

Built in lower shock mounts for use with stock shock mounting position or our Stage 2 Hoops and our Long Travel Shocks for 15" of travel. Best results are achieved when these arms are used in conjunction with Duff suspension components. Signature Duff Blue powder coated for durability or upgrade to new Midnight Black Metallic powder coat for $40. Requires reuse of original C-caps (we also sell separately for Solid Axle swaps.) Part #5341.

Includes arms, head units, rod ends, bushings and all necessary mounting hardware. All new parts, no core necessary.

Because the shopping cart cannot calculate shipping on these, we will contact you to authorize with shipping charges AFTER you place your order. Please note these are heavy duty. Even though they ship ground, they come in two boxes totaling 111lbs!

NOTE: Factory sway bars must be removed to use our Extended Travel Radius Arms.

Is your Early Bronco equipped or are you looking to buy long tube headers? Please keep in mind we redesigned our long tube headers to work with our extended radius arms. Check out our Black Painted or Ceramic Coated headers here. If you are running another manufactures long tube headers we cannot guarantee fitment. If you are running factory manifolds or shortie headers there will be no fitment issues.

Want to know what's involved for installation?

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Early Ford Bronco T-Rex Radius Arms Replacement Stock Length Stage 2 Duff James Suspension
T-Rex Stock Length Radius Arms, 1966-79 Bronco, 1967-79 F150 4WD
List Price: $830.00
Our Price: $749.95
You save $80.05!

Our new T-Rex radius arms are a stock length version of our heavy duty long arms with a built in offset for additional tire clearance but unlike the extended arms, these are a direct bolt in to your existing frame brackets. They use stock style polyurethane bushings, no welding of new brackets is necessary. Yes, 100% bolt on! Why would we do such a thing? Many Bronco owners want an arm that can clear a larger tire when turning without having to grind, drill or weld on their frame. These arms work for stock height Broncos and up to 3.5” of suspension lift. The arms come with 4.25° of caster built in. Shock mounting is different than our extended arms, these utilize a single shock mount located on top of the arm for a tighter turning radius arm, similar to a stock arm. Come powder coated in Signature Duff Blue or upgrade to new Midnight Black Metallic. Includes all mounting hardware required including hardware in kit #HC5341.

  • 100% Bolt-in, No Welding Required
  • Improves ride and handling
  • Run up to 37" Tire with out rubbing radius arms
  • Eliminate unsafe and rusty stock radius arms
  • Best radius arm on the market for street and trail use
  • Already comes powder coated black or blue, all hardware included

NOTE: Factory sway bars from the Early Bronco, Big Bronco (1978-79), and F-Series trucks must be removed to use our T-Rex Radius Arms.

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Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit Ford Dana 44 1971-76 Bronco
Ft. Disc Brake Conversion Kit, Dana 44, 1971-76 Bronco
List Price: $1,500.00
Our Price: $1,399.95
You save $100.05!

Are you tired of front brakes that fade after repeated use and go away completely when wet? If so, then this conversion kit is the one for you! We developed this kit for 1971-75 Broncos and F-150s with a ball joint Dana 44 front axles originally equipped with drum brakes; it will not fit Dana 30s.

Ours is the only kit on the market that allows you to walk into your local parts store with the simplicity of asking for replacement parts for a 1977 Ford Bronco! No trying to figure out what mix mash of parts the kit is made up of!

Our kit contains: steering knuckles which are drilled 3/4" straight through [this gives you the option of running heim steer or stock style tie rod over or under (using the included machined sleeves)]; caliper mounting brackets; rebuilt calipers; brake pads; brake hoses; hubs; rotors; brake hose bolts; and new spindles with the studs already pressed in.

While other kits used weaker, stamped steel caliper mounting brackets. We use nodular cast iron, which is actually heavier duty than Ford's original disc brakes! Proportioning valves and ball joints are sold separately below. You may need these when installing disc brakes. This kit will work only with the early style wheel to wheel tie rod original to 66-75 Broncos & 71-75 F150's, not inverted Y tie rods (as found stock on the 1976-77).

Want to know what's involved for installation? Download instructions here
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Adjustable Track Tracking Bar 1966-75 Classic Early Ford Bronco
Adjustable Track Bar, 1966-75 Bronco
Our Price: $174.95

Our Heavy Duty track bar will get the front end centered under your rig and help correct steering woes. Recently revised, it features:
•Up to 3” of adjustability, it will work with up to 6” of lift
•Fully Tig welded
•3/16" Wall 1 1/2" DOM
•Machined ends
•All thread pre-treated with anti seize
•Black powder coated with blue polyurethane bushings & zinc plated sleeves.
•Made in Tennessee

Wanting to increase articulation and remove bind from your track bar? Consider adding our new heavy duty track bar end #5411. Click here for more information.

Looking for a track bar for your '76-'77 Bronco? Click here.

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2-1 exhaust kit early bronco 302 5.0 v8
James Duff 2 into 1 Exhaust System 1966-1975 Bronco
List Price: $500.00
Our Price: $344.95
You save $155.05!

Looking for an exhaust for your Early Bronco? You've come to the right place. James Duff is the premier Bronco supplier with over 50 years of experience. We didn't take any shortcuts in bringing the best 2 into 1 system to the market. Works great with several different muffler choices to suit all types of powerplant combos. Learn more below.

Our very popular dual exhaust kit fits the bill for a great deal of Bronco owners, but a lot of owners with aftermarket transmissions and transfer cases have also been requesting a system that you can install in your driveway or at your home garage using simple hand tools with NO WELDING. Our new 2 into 1 kit does that!

  • Bolt-On Installation
  • Great Sound, from Mild to Wild
  • Fits 289, 302, 351w and 5.0
  • No Welding Needed
  • Works with shorty headers
  • Leave the guesswork behind

Head and merge pipes are 2.25" then mid-pipe and tailpipe are 2.5", exiting behind passenger side rear wheel at 90°

It is designed to work with Drake and JBA brand 1966-77 Bronco shorty headers on a 289 / 302 / 5.0 If you are running a 351W, the headers won't fit without minor modifications, see below. If you have not already purchased headers, you can add them in Hi-Temp Black, Stainless or Ceramic coated and they can ride along in the same box to save on shipping. We also have a version for use with stock Bronco manifolds. See #3061

This kit is all bolt-on with a hardware kit and detailed instructions which include info on how to properly install the shorty headers we sell. No welding required. This exhaust comes with all the necessary hardware, clamps and hangers.

Muffler choices, quietest to loudest:

  • Stainless steel Magnaflow- Nice, resonant mellow deep sound
  • Flowmaster Delta 44- The Signature sound of the 40 series without the overpowering drone or in-cab resonating
  • Jones Full Boar- Deep more aggressive tone, comparable to a Flowmaster 40 series
  • Cherry Bomb Pro- Deepest most aggressive tone of the 4 choices
Works with:
- 289 / 302 / 5.0 / 351W
- 2" or more suspension lift (Min 2" lift required)
- 0-3" body lift
- Dana 20, Atlas, NP205
- C4, 3 Speed, NP435, AX15, NV3550 (Still testing C6, AOD, 4R70W, ZF 5-speed)


*Not tested on 1976-77 equipped with catalytic converters.

  • Shorty headers will make contact with inner passenger fender
  • Shorty header collector flange on some EB's will make contact with the frame and need to be clearanced. NOTE: If you are using aftermarket motor mounts that are taller, you will probably avoid this issue.
Disclaimer: this 2-1 exhaust system is designed to work with the stock transmission crossmember or the Advanced Adapters crossmember #3654.

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Early Bronco Rolled Filler Panels
Front & Rear Roll Pans for Body lift Gap

Done a body lift and hate that gap left between your bumpers and the grill or rear quarters? These 18 gauge filler panels fill the space with a clean edge giving a finished look. Front rolled comes in three different versions to fit 1, 2 or 3" body lift. Rear pan features cut out for license plate wiring and comes in two versions; one for 1" body lift, the other for 2-3" body lifts (with laser etched trim marks to trim for which one you have.) Rear mounts through the stock bolt holes in the frame. The front mounts to the grill with the attachment of your choice (hardware not included due to variety of personal preferences, including welding.)

Note: Due to variances in body lift manufacturers, please check the minimum clearance for REAR pans. Measurement from top of frame horn to bottom of tailgate necessary: for 1" body lift, 1 7/8", for 2" 2 7/8"
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Early Bronco Wide Fender Flares
4" Wide Profile Smooth Fiberglass Flares
Our Price: $399.95
Sale Price: $359.95
You save $40.00!

James himself originally designed these 4" wide profile flares back in 1996-- different than anything else out there with a smooth outer finish with no visible mounting hardware! We worked with several manufacturers creating several variations over the years but the demand didn't justify the headaches as the design was just ahead their time. Over the years collectors have sought them out and more and more people begged us to bring them back, so here they are, improved with the attachment rail integrated into the flare for easier installation. Great for covering wide meats, full width axles or paddle tires. Will not fit with gas doors or larger aftermarket gas caps. Set of 4. Hardware and welting not included because of various preferences for installation. White Fiberglass gel coat for easy painting. Stay tuned for the flexible urethane version, due in the next month or so.
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Adjustable Tracking Track Bar 1976-77 Early Classic Ford Bronco
Adjustable Track Bar 1976-77 Bronco
Our Price: $174.95

Our Heavy Duty track bar will get the front end centered under your rig and help correct steering woes. Recently revised, it features:
•Up to 3” of adjustability, it will work with up to 6” of lift
•Fully Tig welded
•3/16" Wall 1 1/2" DOM
•Machined ends
•All thread pre-treated with anti seize
•Black powder coated with blue polyurethane bushings & zinc plated sleeves
•Made in Tennessee
This version is for the 1976-77 Bronco. We utilize a round bushing but with the larger diameter bushing and sleeve to work with the 5/8" bolt. It does not use an oval bushing on the frame end.

Wanting to increase articulation and remove bind from your track bar? Consider adding our new heavy duty track bar end #5411. Click here for more information.

Looking for a Track Bar for your '66-'75? Click here.

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Power Brake Booster Kit, 1966-77 Early Classic Bronco
Power Brake Booster Kit, 1966-77 Bronco
Our Price: $435.95
Sale Price: $395.00
You save $40.95!

Specifically designed for your Early Bronco, our system brings the Bronco’s hydraulic brake system up to modern standards. This kit includes a brand new (not rebuilt) 8” dual diaphragm vacuum booster to provide better power brakes without having to modify the inner fender well. The bracket is designed like the OEM 1976-77 bracket for optimum reliability and linkage alignment. This system includes everything you need: a mounting bracket with all the hardware and the bell crank assembly; the brake booster; the correct master cylinder for your application; stainless braided hoses that go from the master cylinder to the proportioning valve; a master cylinder bleeder kit; a brake light warning wire; and a proportioning valve with bleeder protection tool. We’ve included everything you’ll need except the brake fluid! Our stainless braided hoses feature a smaller inner diameter over stock rubber hoses (creates more line pressure) and won’t swell. This means increased performance and improved brake feel. Plus, there is NO fabricating hard lines to make it all work!

For the best pedal feel and response, we offer two different master cylinders: one for drum/drum or disc/disc (driver side ports) and one for disc/drum (passenger side ports.) Specify which setup you have when ordering. If you upgrade to front/rear discs at any time, you can simply swap to the other master cylinder and proportioning valve (also sold separately for this reason.)

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Dual Exhaust 1966-75 Early Classic Bronco Aluminized Cherry Bomb
Customizable Aluminized Dual Exhaust, 1966-75 Bronco
List Price: $400.00
Our Price: $324.95
You save $75.05!

After 20 years of selling our dual exhaust kits, we went back to the drawing board on them last year to make them more installer friendly and customizable. We separated the back pipes into 2 sections also allowing for options on the exit angles and easy removal for serious rock crawlers to avoid tearing them up. This kit can be used with our headers or stock Early Bronco manifolds (see optional #3091 for manifold downpipes). It comes with custom bent aluminized 14 gauge 2 1/4” diameter pipes and mufflers of your choice: Turbo, Pro, Vortex or Flowmaster 40 series.

Fits whether you have a 302 or 351W, stock or heavy duty aftermarket motor mounts, stock-3" body lift, our Extended Radius Arms, Torque Tamer Traction Bar, 4" Rear Bump Stops and 23 gallon gas tanks.

If you have a non-standard engine-transmission combination, please call us before you order to verify fitment.

NO WELDING REQUIRED, can be installed in your driveway. Exhaust pipes exit just behind both rear wheels, choose 65° or 90° angle. Modification required for 1976-77's equipped with catalytic converters. Comes with instructions, hangers and mounting hardware. DOES NOT WORK WITH JAMES DUFF 4-LINK

Muffler choices:

Turbo: Offer less restriction and longer use than glass packs as well as better performance and a nice resonant mellow deep sound. 100% mechanically locked aluminized steel. Quietest of all the options.

Cherry Bomb Pro: Deeper more aggressive tone 100% welded aluminized steel with a grey finish. Loudest of all the options. This is what we have on Hobby Horse.

Cherry Bomb Vortex: Utilizes fiberglass and a patented baffle design to absorb both high and low frequency sounds. Has a nice rumble but without the tinny sound of Pro/Flow. Less sound inside the vehicle at speed. Great for rigs that spend a lot of time on the highway. 100% welded, aluminized steel with high temp black finish. Highest flow rate available. Slightly larger than the other choices at 14x4.25x10.25" but we've been running these on Hi Ho Silver without issues for several years. They hang down just a little farther than the Torque Tamer.

Flowmaster 40 Series:
Signature deep more aggressive tone. 100% MIG welded 16 gauge aluminized steel.

Disclaimer: this dual exhaust system is designed to work with the stock transmission crossmember or the advanced adapters crossmember #3654.

Our current long tube headers are not compatible with Stage 8 Header Bolts

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