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Looking to do a solid axle swap on your Bronco II? Check out our great line up of DUFF TUFF components to make the best of doing a Solid Axle Swap on your '84-'90 Ford Bronco II.

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Tubular Extended Long Travel Radius Arms, 1978-79 Fullsize Ford Big Bronco & 1967-79 Trucks F150
Tubular Extended Long Travel Radius Arms, 1978-79 Bronco, 1967-79 Trucks, SAS B2/Ranger/Ex
List Price: $1,020.00
Our Price: $834.95
You save $185.05!

Looking for the next upgrade for your project vehicle? Anything from a '67 Ford Truck to a '97 Ford Explorer and all in between these arms are for you. 100% bolt-in design, guaranteed to out flex your mom's land rover and make it ride smoother!

We originally designed this long arm for the '78-'79 Big Bronco and quickly realized all the rest of you wanted a piece of the action. Now this kit can mount up to any C-Channel frame, and is a popular upgrade for '80-'96 Full Size Broncos, all Bronco II's, Rangers & Explorers. Don't have a solid front axle? No problem. Out source or spec your favorite front axle and this kit will get you started on your solid axle swap. Click here for the parts list. We've also had customers successfully use this kit on Econoline Vans, Jeeps, Blazers, Scouts, Hummers, and more!

Our proven Long Travel Extended Radius Arm is Designed for rugged off-road use while enhancing drivability. Fabricated out of 2" diameter, heavy wall DOM at a whopping 5/16" thick! For strength and safety we designed a separate cast steel head unit to mount to the C-wedges on the axle with your original C-cap or our new ones sold separately. These arms are 10 3/4” longer than a '66-'79 Bronco arm, moving the pivot point farther back. This vastly improves suspension travel & articulation but it doesn't stop there. These arms also improve handling & control for on road driving.

  • Proven Design since 2001
  • Bolt-in C-Channel Frame Mounts
  • 10 3/4" longer than stock
  • Built-in 4.25º of added caster
  • In stock ready to ship, no lead time, no waiting!
  • Backed by the best customer service in the industry
  • Big Tires? Due the offset built into them that's what these these arms are made for
  • Needing more articulation, more flex? Our extended arms will give you the most of any arm on the market
  • Strongest extended radius arms available
  • Made from 100% brand new American Materials
  • Comes powder coated with all necessary hardware
  • Just say no to janky designs and core charges!

Fabricated from all new materials; no core charges, no cutting or welding to 40-50 year old cast arms. Built in caster means better alignment and handling. A tight to the frame rear mount holds the arm with a high quality 1” bore Teflon lined and lubricated Rod End, keeping it closer to the frame for improved ground clearance and breakover angle. Tons of travel, a tighter turning radius, better ground clearance and improved handling all in one product! Includes arms, head units, rod ends, frame mounts, bushings and all necessary mounting hardware. Requires at least a 4” suspension lift for '78-'96 Ford Broncos. C-bushings are sold separately due to vehicle variations and lift height.

This kit includes arms, cross member brackets, specially designed frame brackets with a backside reinforcement and riser brackets for the brake lines. The arms are the same proven design that we've been selling for years! Combine with our Cast C-Wedges, C-Caps and Spacers to swap in a new Dana 44 or Dana 60!

Note that a High Pinion 44 or 60 needs about 8° caster, 5-6" lift on this axle will utilize the 4°C-Bushings #6004. Any more lift then that use 7°Bushings #6007. The caster numbers can be adjusted on all axles depending on what angle the C-wedges are welded onto the axle.

Because the shopping cart cannot calculate shipping properly on these, we will contact you to authorize with shipping charges after you place your order. Please note these are heavy duty, they come in two packages totaling 121lbs!

Want to know what's involved for installation? Download instructions here
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Early Ford Bronco T-Rex Radius Arms Replacement Stock Length Stage 2 Duff James Suspension
T-Rex Stock Length Radius Arms, 1966-79 Bronco, 1967-79 F150 4WD
List Price: $830.00
Our Price: $749.95
You save $80.05!

Our new T-Rex radius arms are a stock length version of our heavy duty long arms with a built in offset for additional tire clearance but unlike the extended arms, these are a direct bolt in to your existing frame brackets. They use stock style polyurethane bushings, no welding of new brackets is necessary. Yes, 100% bolt on! Why would we do such a thing? Many Bronco owners want an arm that can clear a larger tire when turning without having to grind, drill or weld on their frame. These arms work for stock height Broncos and up to 3.5” of suspension lift. The arms come with 4.25° of caster built in. Shock mounting is different than our extended arms, these utilize a single shock mount located on top of the arm for a tighter turning radius arm, similar to a stock arm. Come powder coated in Signature Duff Blue or upgrade to new Midnight Black Metallic. Includes all mounting hardware required including hardware in kit #HC5341.

  • 100% Bolt-in, No Welding Required
  • Improves ride and handling
  • Run up to 37" Tire with out rubbing radius arms
  • Eliminate unsafe and rusty stock radius arms
  • Best radius arm on the market for street and trail use
  • Already comes powder coated black or blue, all hardware included

NOTE: Factory sway bars from the Early Bronco, Big Bronco (1978-79), and F-Series trucks must be removed to use our T-Rex Radius Arms.

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Dual Shock Coil Tower Bucket SAS Solid Axle Swap OE Replacement Bronco II  B2 Ranger Explorer
Dual Shock Coil Tower for SAS or OE, B2/Ranger/EX
Our Price: $299.95

Our coil bucket has been revamped to accept either stock or Early Bronco coil springs for those doing a Solid Axle Swap. Fabricated in house of 1/4" laser cut plate steel these buckets completely replace the stock coil bucket and shock mount. Both shocks mount behind the coil for reduced sway, a smoother ride, better tire clearance and articulation. Will work with the stock sway bar. Bolt on design, no welding required. Blue powdercoated for long lasting good looks. All new parts, No core required. Other SAS components include our HD Early Bronco Lowers #5120, Extended Radius Arms #5352 and HD Crossmember #5346.

Want to know what's involved for installation? Download instructions here
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SAS Solid Axle Swap Steering Dana 44 TTB Track Bar Bracket Ford Bronco 2 B2 BII Bronco II, 83-97 Ranger, 91-94 Explorer
SAS Track Bar Bracket Bronco II, 83-97 Ranger, 91-94 Explorer
List Price: $220.00
Our Price: $199.95
You save $20.05!

Track Bar Bracket for doing a Solid Axle Swap under the front end of your Bronco II, 83-97 Ranger or 91-94 Explorer. All bolt on--mounts using stock motor mount holes, our 5261B Coil Tower bolts and two others drilled in engine cross member.Track Bar Mounting hole is 3/4", for use with heims & spacers or large bushings. 2.9/4.0 tested. Comes black painted.

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Universal Dual Shock Mount SAS Fullsize Ford Bronco Ranger Explorer Solid Axle Swap
Universal Dual Shock Mount
Our Price: $149.95

Universal dual shock mount with 15" reach puts the shocks out farther than other designs so they will line up with full width axles for use with Solid Axle Swaps for Full Size Broncos. Can also be used on many other applications. Bolt on design for spring steel frames by bolting on with 1/2" bolts included. Come as a pair, black powder coated with hardware. Will not work on Early Bronco due to the offset.

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Radius Arm C Caps, Ford Dana 30 Dana 44 or Dana 60 Solid Axle Swap
Radius Arm C Caps, Dana 30 Dana 44 or Dana 60
Our Price: $139.95

Exact reproductions of stock caps, cast of ductile steel. Combine with our Radius Arms and Axle Wedges and you can put a Dana 44 or 60 under just about anything! One pair, come bare.

Add a fresh (#HC5341) installation kit to replace your 50+ year old factory bolts, includes qty 8 grade eight bolts and lock washers, plus two long grade 5 bolts & flat washers for the headunit to assist in assembly.

This works for the following applications:
  • 66-79 Broncos
  • 66-79 F150 4x4

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Ford Dana 30 Dana 44 Dana 60 Axle Wedges (4) Weld On
Axle Wedges, Weld On, Dana 30, Dana 44, Dana 60
Our Price: $114.95

For the Bronco owner that is swapping front axles, these wedges make it much easier. No need to cut up a good front axle just for parts. These wedges are designed to weld onto a 2 3/4” O.D. tube, just like a factory Early Bronco Dana 44 but are easily modified to fit onto 3” O.D. tubing found on high pinion Dana 44 and (Dana 60 will require grinding or using 5351-60 Spacers). Cast with all the correct configurations to fit the inside of a C bushing exactly like original.

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Dana 44 Diff Guard, 1971-77 Early Ford Classic Bronco Jeep Suzuki Ranger Explorer
Dana 44 Diff Guard, 1971-79 Bronco
Our Price: $69.00
Sale Price: $55.00
You save $14.00!

Full wrap design of 1/4" laser cut ring, 1/2" formed flat bar and 5/8" solid bar. Designed specially to clear EB track bar and tie rod. Center section wraps slightly under to protect case and prevent hang ups. Easy to install, doesn't require removing the cover. Silver zinc plated for rust resistance, includes hardware. Fits standard and high pinion Dana 44.

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Dana 60 Radius Arm Spacers & Bolts
FREE Shipping-Dana 60 Radius Arm Spacers & Bolts
Our Price: $49.95

FREE US Shipping!

Installing our Long Arms on a Dana 60 or larger diameter housing and don't want to grind down wedges? These machined steel blocks fill up the gap created by the larger diameter axle tube. Includes eight longer Grade 8 bolts.

These spacers only work on axle tubes that are between 3 1/8" and 3 1/4" in diameter.

Not recommended for high pinion Dana 44 or Superduty Dana 60 '05-'08 axles.

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C Bushings 7° Lift 1966-77 Classic Early Ford Bronco Dana 30 44
7° C-Bushings, Set of 4, 1966-79 Bronco, F150 and Solid Axle Swaps
Our Price: $49.95

With positive caster adjustment built in, our C bushings will help recover the steering control lost from lift kits and wear and tear. High quality Black polyurethane bushings. Fit 1966-79 Broncos, F100 & F150s The only way to be certain which ones you need is with a front end alignment but our experience has lead us to the following general recommendations:

1966-77 Bronco with stock arms:

#6002 2° C Bushings, stock height
#6004 4° C Bushings, 1 - 2 1/2” lift
#6007 7° C Bushings, 3”+ lift

1966-77 Bronco with our Long Travel or T-rex Radius Arms with 4.25° caster built in to the arms:
3.5” lift: #6004 4° C Bushings
5.5" lift: #6007 7° C Bushings

78-79 Bronco/F150 with our #5351 Long Travel Radius Arms or T-rex arms with 4.25° built in:
2-4” lift: #6002 2°C Bushings
5-6” lift: #6004 4°C Bushings
6”+ lift: #6007 7° C Bushings

80-96 Bronco SAS:
Same as 78-79 Bronco but they will vary depending on what degree the C-Wedges are welded onto the housing.

Bronco II & 83-97 Ranger Dana 44 SAS with our Long Travel or T-rex Radius Arms:
3-4” lift: #6004 4°C Bushings
5”+ lift: #6007 7° C Bushings

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