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Early Bronco Coil Spring Retainer Tabs
Upper Coil Retainer Tabs Pair
List Price: $15.00
Our Price: $12.95
You save $2.05!

Early Bronco Upper Coil Spring Retainer Tabs are zinc plated for long lasting rust resistance. This is the only retainer tab on the market that comes zinc plated. One pair, includes hardware. Same ones included with our Heavy Duty Coil Buckets #5110, #5111, #5112 more info
Behind the Coil Shock Kit for Stage 1 Shock Hoops Early Ford Bronco Suspension Mounts
Behind the Coil Shock Kit for Stage 1 Shock Hoops
Our Price: $39.95

Our 5201-2 Behind the Coil kit allows a 100% bolt-on dual shock set-up. Don't want to weld on your c-cap? Prefer both shocks together behind the coil spring, which also allows more shock travel? Buy this kit.

  • 100% Bolt-on dual shock set up
  • No welding of c-cap required
  • Allows both shocks to be mounted behind the coil spring
  • Allows more shock travel

Includes Zinc plated Lower Mounts, Bolts and Spacers for Upper Mounts.

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Duff's Shock 70/30 Auto Adjusting Ford Suspension
Duff 70/30 Auto Adjusting Shock
Our Price: $40.00

The 8114 shock has 11.94" Travel with a collapsed length of 17.3" and extended of 29.25" 70/30 Auto Adjust Shocks We've designed suspension systems for Fords for years, looking to fine tune them even further, we custom designed our own automatically adjusting shocks that ride softer specifically for dual applications. 10 Stage Auto Speed Adjusting 30% Compression, 70% Rebound Multi Viscosity, All Weather Fluid Internal Urethane Bumpstop 1 3/8" High Temperature Iron Piston 5/8" Hardened, Chromed Piston Rod Double Welded Ends Twin Tube Construction Foam Cell in a 2 3/8" Reserve Tube Corrosion Resistant Baked White Finish Blue Polyurethane End Bushings Note: If you have a '66 with the stock rear stud mount shocks, we recommend upgrading to either a #5500, #5215 or #5214 for maximum travel and performance.

Please Note: If you are ordering shocks by themselves you will be required to fill out this form and submit the answers to our sales team to finalize and process your order.

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James Duff 70/30 15" Long Travel Shock Ford Coil Spring Suspension Bronco Ranger Buggy Crawler
Duff 70/30 15" Long Travel Shock
Our Price: $45.00

Same great design and quality construction as our other shocks, with added features for long travel and high articulation suspensions. The first of these features is length. Our 8120 is 35.5 extended and 20.5 collapsed. With 15 of vertical travel, this is the longest shock available in this style.

It would take going to an expensive racing shock system to get this kind of travel. They also include a larger narrower eye loop, utilizing an extremely flexible rubber bushing with thick shoulders. The result is a bushing that will twist as much as possible in all directions, but still maintain its anti-vibration characteristics and durability. This eye design has twice the articulation of the standard eye design with an hourglass bushing.

Shock mount flexibility is important because without it the shock will bind, limiting suspension travel. These shocks not only work great crawling over trails at 6 hours per mile, but also at 60 miles per hour over freeways, washboards and sand dunes. Does not include a boot, as we don't have one long enough! Note: If you have a '66 with the stock rear stud mount shocks, we recommend upgrading to either a #5500, #5215 or #5214 for maximum travel and performance.

Please Note: If you are ordering shocks by themselves you will be required to fill out this form and submit the answers to our sales team to finalize and process your order.

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C Bushings 7° Lift 1966-77 Classic Early Ford Bronco Dana 30 44
7 C-Bushings, Set of 4, 1966-79 Bronco, F150 and Solid Axle Swaps
Our Price: $49.95

With positive caster adjustment built in, our C bushings will help recover the steering control lost from lift kits and wear and tear. High quality Black polyurethane bushings. Fit 1966-79 Broncos, F100 & F150s The only way to be certain which ones you need is with a front end alignment but our experience has lead us to the following general recommendations:

1966-77 Bronco with stock arms:

#6002 2 C Bushings, stock height
#6004 4 C Bushings, 1 - 2 1/2 lift
#6007 7 C Bushings, 3+ lift

1966-77 Bronco with our Long Travel or T-rex Radius Arms with 4.25 caster built in to the arms:
3.5 lift: #6004 4 C Bushings
5.5" lift: #6007 7 C Bushings

78-79 Bronco/F150 with our #5351 Long Travel Radius Arms or T-rex arms with 4.25 built in:
2-4 lift: #6002 2C Bushings
5-6 lift: #6004 4C Bushings
6+ lift: #6007 7 C Bushings

80-96 Bronco SAS:
Same as 78-79 Bronco but they will vary depending on what degree the C-Wedges are welded onto the housing.

Bronco II & 83-97 Ranger Dana 44 SAS with our Long Travel or T-rex Radius Arms:
3-4 lift: #6004 4C Bushings
5+ lift: #6007 7 C Bushings

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Dana 60 Radius Arm Spacers & Bolts
FREE Shipping-Dana 60 Radius Arm Spacers & Bolts
Our Price: $49.95

FREE US Shipping!

Installing our Long Arms on a Dana 60 or larger diameter housing and don't want to grind down wedges? These machined steel blocks fill up the gap created by the larger diameter axle tube. Includes eight longer Grade 8 bolts.

These spacers only work on axle tubes that are between 3 1/8" and 3 1/4" in diameter.

Not recommended for high pinion Dana 44 or Superduty Dana 60 '05-'08 axles.

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Drop Pitman Arm 1966-75 Early Classic Ford Bronco
Drop Pitman Arm 1966-75 Bronco
List Price: $70.00
Our Price: $59.95
You save $10.05!

A drop pitman arm is not required on all lifted vehicles. If you have already installed your suspension system and are experiencing excessive bump steer or excessive wear on the drag link is apparent then install a drop pitman arm to cure this. Fits 66-75 without modification. 76-77 require conversion to T-style steering linkage to utilize this one otherwise see #5474. more info
Front Double Shock Mounts Early Bronco Classic Ford 1966-77
Classic Front Double Shock Mounts, 1966-77 Bronco
Our Price: $59.95

Heavy Duty laser cut Classic weld-on shock mount brackets are one of our Duffy's Original 13 part numbers from the 1960's. Adds a longer shock to the front side of the coils spring towers. Shocks sold separately.
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HD Adjustable Track Bar End Bronco SAS
HD Adjustable Track Bar End
List Price: $70.00
Our Price: $64.95
You save $5.05!

Increase articulation with this part...

Take bind out and increase the articulation of your track bar with this upgraded track bar end. 3/4 rod end tig welded to a 3/4-16 threaded end is an easy install. Works with our adjustable track bars or any track bar that uses the fairly common 3/4-16 threaded end. Hardware included makes it a direct replacement for any James Duff adjustable track bars and brackets. This kit now also includes the lower track bar bushings and sleeve to completely refresh your James Duff Track Bar. More information below.

How to purchase...

Using the drop-down above please make your selection for your model and our sales staff will process the correct part for your order.

5411-1 will work with '66-'75 Broncos using adjustable trackbar #5403, '78-'79 Broncos using trackbar #5408, or '80-'96 FSB w/ SAS when using #5415 & track bar #5408
5411-2 will work with '76-'77 Broncos #5404
5411-3 will work with Ranger Based Vehicles when using our SAS bracket #5410 & track bar #5402

May work with other track bars that have 3/4-16 thread into the track bar.

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Track Bar Raise Bracket, 1966-77 Early Classic Ford Bronco Tracking Bar Steering
Track Bar Riser Bracket, 1966-77 Bronco
Our Price: $69.95

We now have an alternative to the age-old classic track bar drop bracket. Using a raise bracket aligns the track bar from the bottom by raising the axle mounting location versus using a drop bracket which can put stress on a weakened old frame. It also keeps the steering up higher and out of the way of trail obstacles. Made of 1/4" steel plate with gusseted reinforcement to 1/2" in critical areas. Ours is designed to work with our heavy-duty lower coil retainers without modification, unlike others on the market. For use with 3.5"+ lift, necessary with our Knuckle Flip Kit on a 76-77.

Easy to install as itself locates off the original mount. It comes bare because it requires welding for installation. Includes hardware.

Hey You! Did you know that the riser bracket is part of our new revolutionary Bump Steer Eliminator systems? For more info check out #5642, #5643, #5644 for more information!

Want to know what's involved for installation? Download instructions here

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