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Long Travel Traction Bar 1966-77 Early Classic Ford Bronco Torque Tamer
Torque Tamer Long Travel Traction Bar 1966-77 Bronco
List Price: $450.00
Our Price: $369.95
You save $80.05!

With low-geared axles and high torque engines, soft long travel leaf springs can distort under power—this can cause damage to springs and break u-joints. Ordinary long tube, fixed mount traction bars limit travel as the rear axle cycles up and down because the axle also needs to move back and forth. Our new traction bar has a “V” frame designed center link for strength and utilizes a specially designed shackle to eliminate axle wrap. The bar runs between the mufflers, paralleling the drive line; protecting it. It also maintains proper u-joint and CV angles under power. The main bar attaches to a high clearance cross-member and shackle. The cross-member mounts up between the frame rails and helps protect your CV joint and output shaft from trail obstacles. Compatible with our Dual Exhaust system; other exhaust systems may require modification. Welding brackets to the differential housing is required. If you have a '77 Bronco or a later model 9" axle housing make sure you select the torque tamer for a '77 Bronco.

  • Completely eliminate U-Joint failure
  • Stop axle wrap in it's tracks
  • Doesn't compromise suspension travel
  • No DIY or Engineering required, comes fully powder coated and ready to install
  • This design works great on or off road, does not bind up like others on the market
  • Only welding required is to the axle, leave the guess work to us

Last year we beefed up the design for Broncos with hotter motors and heavy right feet. We are confident that our Torque Tamer can handle the rowdiest of Bronco builds.

Please note: this is designed to work with a stock Bronco configuration. Please consult us before ordering if you have an aftermarket transmission, transfer case or axle. It is designed to work with all of our exhaust kits, some mods may be required to work with what is on your vehicle.

(Please leave us a note in the "Comments" section and let us know which axle you are using in your build. What year? Which axle? Full width or EB width?) Specifically, please let us know if you have a '77 rear differential.

We also added a new cross member for C-channel Broncos and axle brackets for 8.8” axles. The combination also allows for an application for 78-79 Broncos with a factory 9”. See #5328 for 1978-96 Broncos.

Want to know what's involved for installation? Download instructions here

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Classic Traction Bar 1966-79 Bronco & F-150 | James Duff Inc.
Classic Traction Bar 1966-79 Bronco, 1967-79 F-Series
Our Price: $148.95

Simple in design and function, attach above the springs so they don 't catch on trail obstacles. Will not fit with overloads. It comes with polyurethane bushings. Welded traction bars, all parts come black coated.

Traction Bars hold the axle in place during acceleration and stopping. This improves traction and directional stability. Especially on raised vehicles. Overall, they help eliminate shackle and driveshaft failure during hard acceleration, hill climbing, and rough trails. They also reduce the chance of broken springs due to rough terrain with heavy loads. Excellent for Broncos used in the sand dunes or for heavy mud bogging. They help to control wheel hop and axle wrap (the Bronco “clunk ”). When used with our double shocks and high strength U-bolts they will reduce broken u-joints.

Looking for something a little more extreme or heavy duty? Check out the torque tamer #5326

Fit 1966-79 Bronco, 1967-1979 F-series

Axle Wrap: The rear axle rotating in the U-bolts. Repeated axle rotation causes wear on the driveshaft, U-Bolts and axle housing.

Bronco “clunk”: Caused by the driveshaft snapping from extended to shortened position on acceleration due to the axle’s rotation. Flat Rate $25 shipping for USA when shipping alone.

Want to know what's involved for installation? Download instructions here

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