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V8 Conversion Information
If you have a tired 289 or 302 or need more horsepower and torque, the 351 Windsor is the way to go. You may get better mileage with a Windsor than a stock 289 / 302 due to more torque and lower RPM. A 351 Cleveland doesnt have enough low range torque for four wheeling. Clevelands require very expensive custom radiator, headers and exhaust. Hard to find 100+ octane gas is also necessary. So, unless you intend to drag race at 5,000 to 8,500 rpm, a Windsor will out perform, out pull, out climb, and get better mileage than a Cleveland.

A 69-70 2V or 4V Windsor is best, a 4V having 10.5:1 compression or a 2V, 9.5:1. Before you swap, see if the 351 has a 3 bolt harmonic bal-ancer. If it has a 4 bolt, youll need a 3 bolt harmonic balancer for a 69 Windsor. If you cant find a 3 bolt, you can use a 302, 3 bolt balancer by re-marking the timing marks. Reuse your 302 water pump, pulleys, belts, etc. using the power steering adapter bracket #3160 & alternator bracket #3161.
The 351W rear main is larger, so the stock 302 pan wont work. An Oil Pan Kit, #3103, is needed to clear the front differential. Most Windsors have the sump in front which is bad for four wheeling. Your engine could run out of oil as youre climbing a hill! Our pan has a rear sump. Even with this pan, to avoid damage, your Bronco must be lifted 2- 3 1/2.

To complete the conversion, our Headers are designed to take into consideration the extra 1 1/2 height of the heads. They dont rub the firewall and if you need to remove the starter, you can leave our headers in place. CAUTION: Dont try to use your 6 cyl transmission with the V8. There are several problems and its not strong enough to handle the power.

#3100, or #3102 Headers
Oil Pan (351W) or Oil Pan (302)
Radiator with Bracket Kit
#3107 Lower Radiator L Brackets
#3114 Rubber Engine Mounts
#3115 Motor Mount Brackets
#3160, #3161 Adapters (351W only)
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Water Pump Bypass Hose V8 Engine Conversion 90° thermostat Ford Small Block
90 Water Pump Bypass Hose, V8
Our Price: $11.85

Water Pump Bypass Hose with a 90 bend molded in to go with our 90 Thermostat for all 289/302/351W V8. Necessary for most Bronco II, 83-97 Ranger or 91-94 Explorer V8 Conversions.

K&N Air Filter Cleaning/Recharger Kit
K&N Air Filter Cleaning/Recharger Kit
Our Price: $15.00

Kit contains K&N air filter cleaner and air filter oil for cleaning any K&N Air Filter. Restores air flow efficiency so your K&N air filter performs like new!

Alternator Adapter Bracket 351W 1966-77 Classic Early Ford Bronco V8 Engine Conversion
Alternator Adapter Bracket 351W
Our Price: $16.50

This bracket attach the 302 alternator to the 351W heads. They retain stock 302 mounts and use the same belts and pulleys. Shown with 3160 Power Steering Adapter.

Power Steering Adapter Bracket, 351W 1966-77 Classic Early Ford Bronco V8 Conversion
Power Steering Adapter Bracket, 351W
Our Price: $16.50

This bracket attaches the 302 power steering pump to the 351W heads. They retain stock 302 mounts and use the same belts and pulleys. Shown with 3161 Alternator Adapter.

Lokar Throttle/Kickdown Bracket for 86-93 Ford EFI Mustang EGR Stainless Black Midnight
Lokar Throttle/Kickdown Bracket for 86-93 Ford EFI Mustang EGR
Our Price: $18.95

Ford EFI Bracket fits 1986-93 Ford 302 and 351w fuel injection systems that have installed the Mustang EGR spacer.This stainless bracket mounts in the stock location for easy installation of the Lokar Kickdown Cables and Throttle Cables. This uses the #2342 Cable. Does not fit BAP throttle bodies. Available in Polished Stainless or Black Stainless.

Quik Latch Billet Air Cleaner Keeper
Quik Latch Billet Air Cleaner Keeper
Our Price: $27.00

For decades, people have been securing the air cleaner to a carburetor with a wing nut. Spinning it on and off is slow and often results in dropping it! Replace it with a specially designed mini latch that is a perfect finishing touch to custom build. Requires modification to the air cleaner to fit the latch button. Will not work on stock carb without mod. Diameter of latch: 1.23 stud: 4.125
Stage 8 Header Collector Exhaust Bolts V8 V6 6 cylinder 289 170 351w Ford
Stage 8 Collector Bolts (6)
Our Price: $29.95

Ordinary Header bolts can be a real pain to keep tight due to the expansion and contraction that headers go through. No one likes getting in there and busting their knuckles if they dont have to. We swear by these (not at them)! They use a patented locking system that wont come loose.
90° Thermostat Housing Bronco Ranger Explorer Thermostat housing 90° outlet Early Bronco, Bronco II, 83-97 Ranger 91-94 Explorer V8/5.0 Conversion
90 Thermostat Housing
Our Price: $29.95

Thermostat housing with a 90 outlet for your 289 302 351W Small Block Ford V8 in Early Bronco, Bronco II, 83-97 Ranger or 91-94 Explorer V8/5.0 Conversion.

Dual Exhaust Header Connection Piece Connection Piece Early Bronco 302 351W
Dual Exhaust TBP Header Conversion Pipes, 1966-77 Bronco
Our Price: $29.95

Adapter pipes to exhaust kit to complete our dual exhaust system when using Tom's Bronco Parts long tube headers.

Heatshield Products Lava Exhaust Wrap
Heatshield Products Lava Wrap
Our Price: $29.95

Keep the heat off your floor boards, out the interior and reduce the risk of vapor lock by reducing radiant heat near the fuel lines with Heatshield Lava Wrap. Made in the USA Lava Wrap has all the same performance enhancements as a traditional heat wrap, but with the cool carbon fiber look and long life of fiber made of crushed volcanic rock. The lava rock wrap fiber is 25% stronger than fiberglass wraps along with being asbestos free and chemical, acid, water and mold resistant. Wrapping Lava Wrap on a header and exhaust system maintains hotter exhaust gases, decreases gas density and allows the exhaust gases to flow through the system at increased velocities. Greater exhaust scavenging is produced, pulling intake gases through the cycle faster, helping to lower air-intake temperatures. This results in more horsepower and reduces radiant heat damage. Lava Wrap lowers under-hood temperatures by as much as 40%, further lowering intake air temperatures and creating even more power. Withstands continuous temperatures of 1,200F and intermittent 2,000F. 2" wide roll, 1/16" thick, recommended to do 1/4" overlap. To determine how much you need for your custom exhaust, check out this handy calculator