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Ted Nugent Project Phoenix Stacey David Gearz TV Fullsize FSB Ford Big Bronco Solid Axle Swap Dana 60 Duff Long Radius Arms
Nugent/Stacey David Fullsize Bronco Solid Axle Swap Info

The Ted Nugent Project Phoenix Bronco featured on Stacey David's Gearz TV was a challenge in that it came with a lot of previous work done to it along with the shear bulk of the Currie Rock Jock Dana 60 Axles. The truck is running 42" Iroks which Stacey decided on after seeing them on our Hi Ho Loco. The truck also has a 4" body lift which allowed us to do a few things differently than we would on production version of the parts.

Since then we have also done a Dana 44 Swap under Bronco Driver Magazine's Project Full Force and our own 1996 Fullsize Bronco. Full Force was a little more like what most people are doing and we revised a few of the parts to reflect this. We aren't selling this in a kit form because there are too many variables as to what people want or need due to different lift heights. Here is what parts we used on the front end of Full Force: Full Force had a BDS 4" TTB Lift Kit utilizing add-a-leafs in the rear. The Bronco was sitting a little rear high when we started. We ended up with approximately 5 1/8" lift on the front (these coil towers sit lower than factory buckets). Right now it is sitting a little nose high but it doesn't have a winch on the winch bumper.
Early Bronco 5.5" Coils #5109 $170
HD Coil Buckets #5110 $125 For spring steel frames require drilling countersunk holes for mounting. We used 1/2" x 1 1/2" Flat Socket Caps, 1/2" flat washers and Nyloc Nuts. The placement and number of bolts will vary depending on bucket placement and lift height and if the end user is going to stretch the wheelbase.
Lower Retainers #5120 $75 If using EB coil springs, no modification necessary. If using a larger wire diameter coil (like 78-79 springs), it will require either stripping a little of the coating or opening up the retainer loop a touch.
Stage 3 Long Travel Tubular Arms #5351 $779
Bolt on Dual Shock Mounts #5225 $125
12" Travel Shocks #8114 $36x4=$144 Taller lifts could use our 15" travel #8120 which run $45 each SAS Track Bar Bracket 1980-96 FSB #5415 $99.95 Designed to bolt into the stock bolts and engine crossmember. Requires drilling holes in front engine cross member and it will need to be trimmed in order to clear track bar on up travel.
Adjustable Track Bar #5408 $159.95
Heim Joint Steering System #5645 $389.95 Built to measurements as lengths will vary depending on axle used. C-bushings Depends on lift height (we used 4 on this lift) $39

NOTE: On our '96 We did NOT use our coil springs. We used 5" Deaver coils and leaf springs. The softer upper wraps of our Early Bronco coil springs just do not have enough weight capacity to hold a Fullsize front end without touching, which does not give optimum performance.

On the rear of Ted Nugent's Project Phoenix: #5111 EB Coil Spring Towers, Tall, pair $125 #5120 HD Lower Coil Retainer Cups, pr $75 #8120 15" Long Travel Duff 70/30 Shocks, $45 each x4 #5360 4-Link Kit Upper & Lower Links Custom Frame Mounts for Upper and Lower Links Prototype Coil Springs approximately 5-51/2" lift Early Bronco 4link Shock Mount Cross member made taller & wider to fit FSB Custom Truss & Lower Shock Mounts to work on the Currie Rock Jock Axle

Note: We do not have plans to make a production 4 link kit for the 78 and up Broncos or F150's. There are far too many variables to make this a bolt/weld on kit. This includes frame reinforcement, ride height and shock mounts with a full body intact.
Blue Shock Boot
Blue Shock Boot
Our Price: $4.95

Blue shock boot, sold individually. Will not work on 8114 or 8120 Long Travel Shocks.

3/4" Rod End Heim Joint Steering Suspension Link Custom Fabrication
3/4" Rod End
Our Price: $25.00

We are now offering the great high quality components from our suspensions separately. These high quality Rod Ends feature a tough selflubricating, self-sealing Teflon/Kevlar liner and increased cross-sectional thickness for greater tensile strength. Jam nuts sold separately. Weld in adapters are the same we use for our Radius Arms, 4 link Suspensions and Torque Tamers.

Duff 70/30 Auto Adjust Shock 9.25" Travel
Duff 70/30 Auto Adjust Shock 9.25" Travel
Our Price: $37.00

The 8110 shock has 9.25" Travel with a collapsed length of 15" and extended of 24.25" We've designed suspension systems for Fords for years, looking to fine tune them even further, we custom designed our own automatically adjusting shocks. They feature: 10 Stage Auto Speed Adjusting 30% Compression, 70% Rebound Multi Viscosity, All Weather Fluid Internal Urethane Bumpstop 1 3/8" High Temperature Iron Piston 5/8" Hardened, Chromed Piston Rod Double Welded Ends Twin Tube Construction Foam Cell in a 2 3/8" Reserve Tube Corrosion Resistant Baked White Finish Blue Polyurethane End Bushings Note: If you have a '66 with the stock rear stud mount shocks, we recommend upgrading to either a #5500, #5215 or #5214 for maximum travel and performance.

Solid Steel Leaf Spring Shims Wedges 1966-77 Classic Early Ford Bronco Jeep Suzuki Ranger
Solid Steel Leaf Spring Shims
Our Price: $49.00

Improper pinion angle can lead to driveline vibration and premature u-joint & cv-joint failure. Not all 3 1/2 lifts will require a pinion adjustment but going up to 5 1/2 will result in a driveline angle that will need corrected. These 2 1/2" wide steel shims bolt on to the bottom of your leaf packs with longer center pins included. To determine the proper amount we recommend taking measurements before and after installing your suspension lift. The optimum angle is 2. For more measuring info, please call.

Dana 60 Radius Arm Spacers & Bolts
FREE Shipping-Dana 60 Radius Arm Spacers & Bolts
Our Price: $49.95

FREE US Shipping!

Installing our Long Arms on a Dana 60 or larger diameter housing and don't want to grind down wedges? These machined steel blocks fill up the gap created by the larger diameter axle tube. Includes eight longer Grade 8 bolts.

1" x 1.25" Diameter Rod End Heim Joint Steering Suspension Link Fabrication Custom
1" x 1.25" Diameter Rod End
Our Price: $55.00

We are now offering the great high quality components from our suspensions separately. These high quality Rod Ends feature a tough selflubricating, self-sealing Teflon/Kevlar liner and increased cross-sectional thickness for greater tensile strength. Jam nuts sold separately. Weld in adapters are the same we use for our Radius Arms, 4 link Suspensions and Torque Tamers.

Drop Pitman Arm Bronco II Ranger Explorer Fullsize Big Steering Lift Linkage Suspension F-150 Full size
Drop Pitman Arm, Bronco II, Ranger, 91-94 Explorer, 80-96 Fullsize Bronco
Our Price: $64.75

Not all lifted vehicles require a drop pitman arm: this is why we don't include them in all of our standard Suspension Systems. If, after installing a lift, bump steer is exaggerated (the steering wheel jerks to one side when encountering a bump) or you note excessive angle or wearing of the drag link, a drop pitman arm will help improve the situation. This works for rigs with up to 4" of lift on 1984-90 Bronco II, 1983-97 Ford Ranger, 1991-94 Explorer,1980-96 Fullsize FSB Bronco, and 1980-96 F-150. Comes gloss black powder coated.
SAS Track Bar Bracket 1980-96 Ford Bronco Sold Axle Swap Dana 44 Dana 60
SAS Track Bar Bracket 1980-96 Bronco
Our Price: $99.95

When doing a solid axle swap in a 1980-96 Fullsize Bronco, you will need a Track Bar Bracket to attach your track bar to in order to center the axle under the front end. Our design is a simple all bolt on installation using existing holes in the frame and by drilling two additional holes in the engine cross member. Made of 5/16 thick laser cut steel with 9/16 Track Bar Mounting hole that works with our #5408 Track Bar. Black powder coated and includes hardware. Track Bar sold separately.

Universal Dual Shock Mount SAS Fullsize Ford Bronco Ranger Explorer Solid Axle Swap
Universal Dual Shock Mount
Our Price: $149.95

Universal dual shock mount with 15" reach puts the shocks out farther than other designs so they will line up with full width axles for use with Solid Axle Swaps for Full Size Broncos. Can also be used on many other applications. Bolt on design for spring steel frames by bolting on with 1/2" bolts included. Come as a pair, black powder coated with hardware. Will not work on Early Bronco due to the offset.